Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ode to a Certain Mom

Yesterday, I received a beautifully written (in laborious cursive) original poem from Gavin. I don't get much original poetry written for me, so this indeed is special:

Ode to a Cert
ain Mom

We are in the month of June,
Where birds are singing,
And bells are ringing,
In a most glorious tune.

But if you have not noticed
That something will happen soon,
A certain child's half-birthday
Near the night of the full moon.

He does not wish for very much,
But let me tell you this,

There are books out on the web
That would bring lots of bliss.

He swears by all that's
Golden, silver and bronze,

He also swears by the love
That children have for their dads and moms:

That this is not some sort of scam to get junk and toys.

A poem of a certain beauty, yes?

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