Sunday, August 5, 2007

Remembering Entei

A week has gone by since Entei's death, a long, sad week for his "mama." A week spent in part reflecting on his sweetness, his simple loving nature, and of course, the memories of time we spent together. The best dog ever.

He was not an easy subject to photograph, however. Between his total blackness (save for his eyes and tongue), and his impulse to leap at the camera whenever it appeared, it is perhaps a tribute to luck that I have as many nice shots of him as I do. The one below is from his second day with us, when I began to learn how subtle photographing an all-black subject can be. I slept on the sofa upstairs those first days to keep him company at night. He slept on the puddle of bedding that invariably flowed off the sofa. A few other photos to make me smile:

I plan on making a memory album for Entei. But for now, seeing these few pics helps me remember that though Entei's body and spirit may be gone, he's left a lot of love in at least one person's heart. Goodbye, sweetie.