Saturday, July 31, 2010

99 Bottles

My son and I got to singing that old camp favorite "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" (and some of its even sillier variations) while goofing around recently.   Later that day, I was trying to come up with some new block design ideas, and inspiration struck -- a new kind of bottle quilt!  Drafting the bottle pattern was quite easy.  Less obvious was how to arrange the bottles to make a reasonably proportioned quilt while still incorporating 99 blocks (3 rows of 33 bottles just isn't a useful proportion for anything but a looong table runner!).  I'm pleased with this layout.  The 99th bottle, of course, does not fit on the shelves, and so it sits on the "floor".  I guess that's the one that got taken down and passed around.

If you want to make your own quilt, click here for the PDF pattern plus the dimensions of the bottles, sashings and borders (but no instructions) to make a quilt about 67 x 76".  The bottle labels are perfect for using large scale and novelty prints -- fussy cut them to resemble real beverage bottle labels.  You could even add the names of your favorite beverages with fabric markers or embroidery.  I chose the same bottle green color for all the bottles, to show up on a black background while not overly competing with the labels, but of course other color schemes could work just as well.

If you make something with this block, be sure to add a photo of it to our Flickr group  :-)

EQ7 users can download the EQ7 project file here if you'd like to play around with layout ideas and fabric choices. (I had to zip it so you can download it - hope that's not a problem for anyone.)

*clink*   Cheers!

New Flickr Group!

If you've ever made a project using one or more Piece by Number patterns, I'd be thrilled if you would your photo to the new Flickr group, Paper Piecing with Piece By Number.  It's just gotten started and has only a very few photos so far, so please don't be shy about adding one (or several) of yours. If it seems like there's enough interest, I'll consider activating the group discussion capabilities.

Hope to see your creation(s) in the group soon and that you find some inspiration there as well  :-)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Little People

I came across my inherited collection of "little people" today while going through some stuff - all these were bought by my mother.  She filled four (!) printers' typecases with these peeps, and hung them in her living room and kitchen.  The (mostly) ceramic doll figurines date from the early- to mid-20th century (many are made in Occupied Japan), and I'm always reminded of Mom whenever I see them.  My brother has most of them stored away now, but I have a few and need to figure out some way of displaying them in my own home.  Something quilty, I think, but need to think a bit more on this.

I've extracted the little dolly for you as a .png  file (it really does have a transparent background, even though it doesn't look like it here).  Feel free to use this in your personal scrapbook or art projects (but please, don't include it in a collage sheet without my permission).  Isn't she the sweetest?