Sunday, July 4, 2010

Little People

I came across my inherited collection of "little people" today while going through some stuff - all these were bought by my mother.  She filled four (!) printers' typecases with these peeps, and hung them in her living room and kitchen.  The (mostly) ceramic doll figurines date from the early- to mid-20th century (many are made in Occupied Japan), and I'm always reminded of Mom whenever I see them.  My brother has most of them stored away now, but I have a few and need to figure out some way of displaying them in my own home.  Something quilty, I think, but need to think a bit more on this.

I've extracted the little dolly for you as a .png  file (it really does have a transparent background, even though it doesn't look like it here).  Feel free to use this in your personal scrapbook or art projects (but please, don't include it in a collage sheet without my permission).  Isn't she the sweetest?


mary e said...

i have a doll like this minus the dress. some reason never thought of making a dress for her. she just sits in my hutch, peeking through the glass :>)

Beth said...

She already had the little dress when Mom bought here - it's a vintage fabric probably more or less contemporaneous with the doll. The sewing is a little primitive, so it might have been made by a child, but to me it's perfect!