Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Walk in the Woods

Today my son and I took a walk through a wooded park near Geneva, one of our favorite places to go.  I took along my camera, just to see what it would make of a drizzly October late Sunday afternoon.  The lighting was grey and bleak, but it was sooo good to finally get out of the house!

At the frog(-less) pond:

There were tons of mushrooms of all kinds:

but what really got my attention were the dried out seed heads, which reminded me of fireworks.  The three photos at the bottom were taken with the flash.  The first flash photo was taken by accident, since I'm not so familiar with the camera.  But then I saw what it did and kept going...

 Have a great week!

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Cheryl Willis said...

great job on the photos, isn't it amazing what an open mind and a good camera can do together!